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Do you need quality electrical service, power saving or OSH safety, delivered on time, yet affordable in Auckland?

Electrosafe are Registered Electricians and Inspectors. We have been supplying professional electrical maintenance, installation and inspection services to the Auckland metropolitan area since 1985.

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We are a unique, personable company, proud to offer our customers a diverse range of quality services & products that enhance the safety, efficiency and comfort, of their business or home in an honest and dependable manner.

EsafeTkAnn.gif (864 bytes) Prompt Breakdown Service. EsafeTkAnn.gif (864 bytes) O.S.H. Electrical Safety Warranting.
EsafeTkAnn.gif (864 bytes) 24 Hour Urgent Service. EsafeTkAnn.gif (864 bytes) Safety Machine Guarding.
EsafeTkAnn.gif (864 bytes) Installations,  Additions & Inspections. EsafeTkAnn.gif (864 bytes) Medical, Mandatory Electrical Safety Testing.
EsafeTkAnn.gif (864 bytes) Industrial,  Commercial,   Quality Domestic. EsafeTkAnn.gif (864 bytes) Klockner Moeller Contactors at a Special price
EsafeTkAnn.gif (864 bytes) Regular Maintenance Work / Management. EsafeTkAnn.gif (864 bytes) Commercial Dishwasher Repair
EsafeTkAnn.gif (864 bytes) Computer Data Wiring EsafeTkAnn.gif (864 bytes) Commercial Dishwasher Glasswasher for Functions
EsafeTkAnn.gif (864 bytes) Energy Efficiency (Power Saving & Tariff Charges). EsafeTkAnn.gif (864 bytes) Engine Automatic Start Stop Controller
EsafeTkAnn.gif (864 bytes) Automation, Machine Design/Build Modify. EsafeTkAnn.gif (864 bytes) Paint Blenders & Mixer service.
EsafeTkAnn.gif (864 bytes) Power Quality (spikes - surges) EsafeTkAnn.gif (864 bytes) Contacts & Associated Companies

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Telephone  09-5372333

FAX 09-5372333

Postal address
82 Simmental Cres, Howick, Auckland, New Zealand

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